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Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

This is the place for non-profit communications and marketing professionals to get up to speed on the most effective strategies for reaching Millennials and Gen Z. Our goal is to discover what excites young people and share those insights with you.

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Leisa Miller

Leisa Miller is a marketing coordinator at FEE. She's the one who emails you about the eBooks you've downloaded on FEE.org, and tracks you down with Facebook and Google ads. In her free time, Leisa enjoys listening to 20th century classical music, learning languages, preparing Gongfu style tea, and swing dancing.

Insider, Audience Insights

Don't Make This Mistake When Talking to Your Audience
By Leisa Miller on February 19, 2019

  Every word and phrase nowadays has a political connotation or bias. Traditional marketing has instructed us to “say something that everyone can agree with.” But according to the Pew...

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Facebook, Marketing Tips

How to Get More High Schoolers to Convert on Your Paid Ads
By Leisa Miller on January 16, 2019

Getting people under 18 to engage with paid ads is tricky business. One reason is because Facebook doesn’t allow you to show some ad types (like lead gen) to anyone under 18. Another is...

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Insider, Marketing Tips

Strategies for Fostering Long-Term Engagement with Your Audience
By Leisa Miller on October 26, 2018

Overview In marketing, it’s essential to get in the habit of measuring the results of your efforts. Most digital marketers choose to track page views or number of followers on social...

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Facebook's "Political Content Disclaimer" and What to Do When Your Ads Get Rejected
By Leisa Miller on October 5, 2018

If you’re in the liberty space and creating Facebook ads, you may have noticed that your ads are getting rejected more often lately.

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Marketing Tips

Use This Trick to Discover Who Your Brand Ambassadors Are
By Leisa Miller on September 25, 2018

Brand ambassadors do the heavy lifting of your marketing and communications efforts. You create, they spread. Brand ambassadors are the people who comment “first!” on your latest video....

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Marketing Tips

Want to Write Good Copy? Think Like a Novelist
By Leisa Miller on September 21, 2018

Copywriting is a keystone skill of any marketer.

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